Be a Man _ SUMMER Continues


Hello Men,


First of all I want to say how proud I am of the men of East Texas coming together once again for ManChurch ETX at Calvary Baptist Church last week. Although I was absent, I was with you in spirit and I know that God has done a wonderful work in the hearts of the men that attended.


I am writing this little short blog to remind everyone of the “Be a Man” bible study at Mobberly Baptist Church on Thursday mornings 6:30 AM throughout the summer. I know summer is a time full of vacations, family, and work. Some of you have been coming faithfully and some of have come once or twice. Let this be a reminder and encouragement… we are not finished!


Pastor Glynn Stone is back tomorrow and we are geared up to finish out the summer strong!  I know it is early but you know what… Can you say that you are spending enough time in the study of God’s Word on a weekly basis? If the answer is no then let this Bible study on Thursday morning be an opportunity for you to engage the powerful, inspiring, and motivating Word of God!


Join us tomorrow 6:30 as Pastor Glynn continues on the fruit of the Spirit as he outlines another biblical concept of manhood – Kindness.


Check out this reminder by Pastor Glynn himself…


6:30 @Mobberly BE THERE



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