Be A Man


OK Men,

I have been really praying this week as we move firmly into the summer months. So many things that are going on. We have a hundred things to keep up with. Work, wives, kids, church, recreation, vacations. Look I know that you are busy. I know that you struggle with finding time for yourself. I know that if you could just find one day to just get away by yourself how much better things would be. Listen… don’t let the enemy convince you that you don’t have time to put God first! This is exactly where he wants you to be! Satan has done a phenomenal job at convincing men that they don’t have any time for God! I am saying to you men this is a LIE straight from the pits of hell!

Ephesians 4:13 calls us “to mature manhood!” God calls us to grow up men and get into the fight! It’s time to WALK THE WALK! It’s time to say “I am not going to let the enemy win!  I am going to stand firm and ‘Be a Man!’” This is what Thursday mornings is all about at Mobberly Baptist Church at 630AM. Yes I know it’s early. Yes I know some of you are already at work and some of you just aren’t going to get up that early. But I want you to consider these questions… “Is it well with my soul? Am I where I need to be regarding my spiritual maturity? Does God require more of me?” I would argue that the answer to these questions should determine in our hearts how important it is for you to be at this bible study.

Pastor Glynn has taken a vested interest not only in the men at Mobberly but also those men who are in our ETX area that are willing to take the next step in biblical manhood! This is what this study is all about! I think the number last Thursday was 188 men. I know that there were at least 4 different churches represented along with Mobberly. There is no reason why we shouldn’t see 300 men at this bible study on Thursday.

Plenty of room… get there early enough and get some coffee, find you a table… get your notebook out and ready to take notes. It starts promptly at 630AM and I promise by 730 we will be done and you will be able to get to work on time. One thing I can guarantee you is when you leave you will have a better understanding of what biblical manhood looks like! I can’t think of a better way to close out the week! I hope to see you there…. Check out this video…




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