How to be a Man ReDux

I posted yesterday regarding this new Pastor Led Bible Study being offered at Mobberly Baptist Church beginning tomorrow at 6:30 AM at the Crossing. I want you to know that I have heard from some of you about it being too early. Or perhaps you are already committed to work  related responsibilities. Perhaps some of you men are just contemplating whether or not it will be worth showing up for.

Let me give you some assurance. It has long been the vision of ManChurchETX to encourage men to participate in local churches where they can actively grow in the Lord. I want you to know that this is exactly what is being offered here at Mobberly. Pastor Glynn Stone has diligently prepared nine biographical surveys of nine godly men straight from the pages of Scripture. These surveys are going to speak great truths into your lives! I personally guarantee it! Personally I can’t wait to be spiritually fed myself!

So men here you go! It’s time to make a commitment! Just put on your big boy britches; throw on a baseball cap; grab some coffee; and head over to Mobberly Baptist Church in the morning! We are going to dive into God’s Word and truly be blessed!

Who is with me? Check out this video

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